Michael Crabtree..What is wrong with this child?

NFL Girl is here. Yeah I know it’s been a minute but hey give a college student credit. Anyway enough of the chit chat let’s jump into it.

Ok..I guess I gotta address the Michael Crabtree situation. The 49ers didnt fair so well in the NFC West last year and so were looking to get a great receiver. I dont think they anticipated Crabtree falling to number 10 (though coming off an injury it isnt totally surprising) and being able to scoop him up. The problem is Crabtree anticipated (as did many forecasters) that he would be picked much earlier potentially as early as #7 by the Raiders. Understood, but the problem is you WEREN’T picked at #7..you were picked at #10. So therefore you shouldnt be making what Heyward-Bey is making because you werent picked at that spot. I’m sorry dude get over it. He feels he should be paid by what he could POTENTIALLY bring to the 49ers; a franchise receiver along the lines of a Larry Fitzgerald. Ok I understand that’s what you MIGHT bring them, but that isnt what you ARE bringing them. You should be paid what the #10 pick is paid not what you may or may not bring them. I mean really..what happens if you have a career ending injury in your first game? Then you didnt bring them anything, did you? Now dont get me wrong I understand that in the NFL you want to get every dime you can especially since NFL contracts are not guaranteed so hey why not get every single dime you can, right? Why sign for $20 million when you can sign for $35-$40 million? Fair enough, but here is the problem…right now you are making NO MONEY. Zero, zip, zilch, goose egg, nada. Umm..how exactly does that make sense? You are holding out because of what you THINK you should be making? You are holding out because Mel Kiper and others predicted you go higher than #10, but you didnt..predictions are just that.. PREDICTIONS. It means this is what COULD happen not what WILL or SHOULD happen. Why did Al Davis pick Heyward-Bey instead of you? Why does Al Davis do anything he does? Hell if I had an answer to that I’d play the lottery more! Now mind you if the 49ers were getting blown out every game and it was clear that the lack of a good quality #1 receiver was the reason, then hey your phone would be ringing off the hook as they desperately tried to negotiate with you and your agent. However, the 49ers are 2-0 (and looking quite superb I might add) without you. Umm..this does not bode well for your argument of how desperately they need you and how valuable you are to them. Right now the only person you are hurting is you. Now you may be thinking of JaMarcus Russell a couple of years ago who signed later for more money but the Raiders were playing poorly and in desperate need of a quality quarterback..the 49ers are doing fine without you there so this isnt the same situation at all. Oh and the idea of you sitting out for the whole season and then re-enterting the draft in 2010 in hopes of getting picked higher is laughable. Really dude? Let’s think about this for 1 second ok. You were picked 10th..held out because they didnt want to pay you the amount you felt you should make as the #7 pick (which you werent) and the #1 receiver available in the draft…you then sat out for an entire year having never played in the NFL (you arent Vick who has been here before..you are a rookie from Texas Tech..different situation hun). Do you seriously think someone is going to draft you HIGHER?? I dont care what you did in college a year earlier..what you did by sitting out makes you look unreliable, a big diva (translation a big headache), and completely selfish and self serving. Why on earth would ANY team pick you HIGHER?? I mean really…yes you would most likely still get drafted (I mean hell Maurice Clarett got drafted, right?) but higher than 10 after sitting out for a year, never having participated in NFL training camp or games, never getting into NFL condition and you really expect someone will take a chance with their first round pick on you? Wow now that’s a serious gamble there. Consider the players that will be coming out next year and you may really want to rethink that. Tell you what..sign for the $20 million they are trying to pay you and if you prove that you are worth more than that in a couple of years, renegotiate the contract. Players do it all the time. Prove to them you are valuable and they will pay you that way. Right now you are costing yourself money. Lots of it. I suggest you get over yourself, stop listening to bad advisors and get into 49ers practice immediately.