Edwards & Crabtree..A Big Day for WRs

Before I could make my picks for this week I had to jump on the big news for this week..the movement of 2 wide receivers. So here were go:

Braylon Edwards Traded to Jets

I like Braylon. He can be your go to guy. He’s 6’3″/215 so he’s a tall strong receiver. Now here is the downside of Braylon..he is inconsistent. Dont get me wrong, he can catch some good deep balls and get you the first down you need, but he may just as well get the ball in his hands & drop it. Last week was a prime example. He had 5 balls thrown to him & didnt catch a single one. I’m not gonna say that he’s the reason the Browns lost last week, clearly their quarterback problem is much more pressing, but it doesnt help when the qb gets the ball to his #1 wideout & he drops it. Now if his inconsistency was his only problem, well clearly that is something that could be worked on, however, Braylon is another one of these players with on and off the field issues. He can be a diva with a massive ego (which seems to be a common trait among receivers) that is far beyond his actual talent. Off the field..well if the allegation of last weekend’s altercation with a friend of Lebron James is true then he is another in a long line of players who just cant seem to get it through their heads that this league is not playing with them anymore. Either way I think Mangini had about as much as he could take of Braylon and decided to ship him off to the Jets. The Jets meantime have been in search of a good #1 wideout. Will this be a match made in heaven? I cant say for sure. Sanchez has needed a good receiver which was part of their problems which was exposed last week against the Saints. Since Braylon has problem hands I dont know that he will be the key. I guess if he makes just enough of them to keep them marching down the field then that’s all that matters. Let’s just hope he can. The Jets face Miami this weekend. This will be an interesting development to watch.

Michael Crabtree Signs With the 49ers

First words I wanna say are ABOUT FRICKIN TIME!! I have my own theories as to what was the final push to get him to sign (momma got sick of him sitting at home on the couch not making any $$) but they are theories so who knows for sure. The fact that M.C. Hammer had to get involved still kinda confuses me but hey whatever gets the job done, I’m all for it. Word is he signed a 6 year deal with $17Mil in guaranteed money. No one can say what the exact amount is but I’m sure it was rather lucrative and whatever it is it was enough to finally get him to agree to the deal. Now mind you we are already 5 games into the season and he has missed training camp, preseason and weekly workouts. He hasnt seen the playbook nor knows a thing about the offensive scheme the 49ers run. Word is he has started practicing with the Niners, but it will take him weeks to get on par with the rest of his teammates. Since the 49ers have been winning, he may actually get the chance to be developed slowly and learn the plays as opposed to being thrown to the wolves. I truly hope after holding out this whole time that he turns into something in San Francisco.

Ok that’s my 2 cents on those 2 issues. I wish both receivers luck at their new homes.

-NFL Girl